Professional Social Media Services

Social Bundle builds a professional social presence for your business on Facebook and Twitter.  We stay current with the trends related to your industry and filter through the nonsense.  We work with you to build a successful social media presence and activate your fans.

Want more?  We also provide fully-customized Facebook tabs, in-depth analytics and hands-on user education.  YouTube channels, LinkedIN business profiles, SlideShare branded channels, and more are all possible with Social Bundle.

Facebook Simplified


We are a one stop shop for Facebook page design and customization.  We build, customize and maintain pages so you can focus on your business.

Our in-house design and development resources ensure quick turnaround of your Facebook needs.

We build Facebook pages, customize existing pages and help you turn your online presence into sales.

Smart Alternative to SEO

Smart SEO AlternativeDid you know that Facebook gets more visitors than Google does?  You need to reach your customers where they spend their time.

Are you already spending a lot of money on SEO?  With a Facebook page, your updates are monitored by Google and displayed in their real-time news feed.  Your updates will get exposure not only on Facebook, but will also be displayed when users search on Google.

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You Need The Pros

The only thing worse than no Facebook presence is one that is poorly done.

It's time to build a professional presence.  With Social Bundle, you have a full-service marketing agency behind your brand and your page to ensure that your business is reaching its social media goals.  It's our job.

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